Hohner Clavinet Related Webpages

Pete's Home-Made Clavinet   Amazing website from a fellow who made his own clavinet by using an old clavinet keyframe and harp.
Diary of Clavinet String Replacement  By Mike Boyer 
Clavinet Notes & Modifications   By Don Tillman
Clavinet and Pianet Keyboard Demo Page By Lenny G.
Olivier Grall's Vintage Keyboards Olivier Grall's impressive collection of vintage keyboards, includes the Hohner Electra Piano!

Other Websites

WWW.EBOARDMUSEUM.COM The largest collection of vintage keyboards is located in Austria, in a real keyboard museum owned by a true genius - Gert Prix. 
Fender Rhodes SuperSite The Best Resource on the Net for the 2nd greatest keyboard ever made :)
Wurlitzer Electric Piano Archives The #1 Wurlitzer Electric Piano website on the net! 
HAMMOND HIRE  UK company supplying, repairing and restoring Hammonds, Clavinets, Rhodes, synths, etc..
The Cool Keys Page The first page to link to our site. Lots of good samples of vintage keys.
Simon Beck's Hall of Electric Pianos Simon Beck's Hall of Electric Pianos (Everything you wanted to know)
Electronic Edge  Expert Ohio-Area repair and restoration of classic electric pianos and keyboards
PlaySynthesizer.com Resources for electronic keyboard players!
BT Productions  How-To-Funk videos for the Hammond B3! (Clavinet Coming Soon)
Daves Sound Repair NJ Keyboard/Amp/Guitar Repair
Harmonica's and Stuff Lookin' for a Hohner or Lee Oskar Harp? Visit Harmonica's and Stuff!
Gearboxrecording.com Recording Studio located in Paramus, New Jersey that is loaded with Vintage Keyboards!

Funky Bands that use the Hohner Clavinet (Support them!)

The Gamble Brothers Band Funky and soulful music from Memphis with a tasty clav courtesy of Mr. Al Gamble.
Matt Caspi Matt Caspi - Israeli Clavinet player, L'Chiam! 
www.levifrench.com Levi French

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