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> Clavinet.Com Tuning Key $10.99 ea. Essential tool that every clavinet owner MUST HAVE!

The Clavinet.Com tuning key is sized exactly to fit the Clavinet's extra wide tuner slots and encapsulates the tuning heads for precision tuning. Gone are the days of trying to tune a clavinet with a slipping and sliding screwdriver!

The Clavinet.Com tuning key also features an internal 1/4" square drive socket that you can use with any power drill, so you get the best of both worlds - Rough tune with a drill and then fine tune by hand!

Fits in your pocket, or use the handy holes to attach it to a keychain or necklace, so you'll never be without this essential tool!

Clavinet.Com "The Original" Molded Clavinet Hammer Tip Set $49.99 a set
Best Selling Clavinet Hammer Tip Set in the World since 1999.

The Clavinet produces sound by the mechanical action of hammer tips striking down onto a set of strings when the keys are depressed. The hammers were made of an orange substance known as "Urepan", a European rubber compound made by Bayer in the 1970's. Unfortunately, time, heat and moisture caused these tips to deteriorate, making them soft and mushy. Even in the most well-cared for Clavinets, the deterioration of the hammer tips caused the strings to notch a "groove" into them, causing the keys to stick and make an unpleasant "popping sound". By the 1990's, many clavinets were rendered useless by this phenomena and the instrument had sunken into obscurity, with no support or parts available anywhere. 

In 1999, Clavinet.Com "came to the rescue" and invented the first aftermarket molded replacement clavinet hammer tip set, which literally brought clavinets everywhere back to life. This sparked a renewed interest in the instrument and led to the development of Clavinet.Com's extensive product line.

Our signature Clavinet Hammer Tip Set is made of the strongest Black Buna Nitrile, an industry-standard rubber compound known for its durability and strength. They were created using advanced injection molding techniques and feature a one degree taper for smooth insertion, making do-it-yourself replacement a cinch. No bending or cutting is required and no tools are needed. They were designed from original specifications to maintain proper hardness and molded into a proper "T" shape, making them the most authentic O.E.M. reproductions available today. Clavinet.Com hammer tips are also de-flashed to give them a superior fit and finish. Top quality. 

The Hammer tips come in sets of 62 (60 + 2 spares) and come with a 30 day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.


Clavinet.Com Hammer Alignment Template $21.95 ea.
A MUST-HAVE for any clavinet restoration!

Save HOURS of frustration and quickly align your clavinet hammers with this nifty tool! Years of percussive striking causes hammer holders in a clavinet to bend out of place. Double notes, missed notes, and a variety of quirky, off-pitch sounds are usually caused by misaligned hammer holders. Until now, aligning hammer holders in a clavinet was a tedious process that usually involved a small mirror, a flashlight and lots of patience. Simply place the Clavinet.Com Hammer Alignment Template against the keybed frame, line up the "E" hammers, and align all of the hammer heads to their corresponding slots. Service techs as well as do-it-yourselfers will find this tool invaluable!


Clavinet.Com Ultra Preamp $149.99 ea. 
Audiophile-grade 100% "Discrete" circuit for cleanest signal path (No IC Chips, cheap surface mount components, or tone-sucking effects circuitry - just pure studio-quality signal)

Studio-Quality Tone Upgrade for Clavinet D6, Clavinet C and Clavinet II owners

  • Features CUSTOM WOUND INDUCTORS (Inductors are the heart of every wah pedal and are also critical to the funky sound of the clavinet!).
    FUN FACT: Wah pedal enthusiasts pay top dollar for vintage clavinet-style inductors!

  • Hand assembled with low-noise, audiophile-grade components (Wima capacitors, 1% metalized resistors, Low Noise NPN transistors).

  • Quieter than original preamp as it incorporates a "ground plane" which shields the PCB internally. No need for a shield box!

  • Includes a power regulator and filter circuit, which allows use of external AC power supplies without adding noise.

  • The "Stevie Wonder" mod (old preamp upgrade kit) is built into the new preamp!

  • No case modifications necessary - retain the vintage, classic look of your clavinet! Drop-in replacement board uses same mounting holes as original PCB.

  • Each unit comes PRE-ASSEMBLED, requiring a minimal amount of soldering to install.

  • CONVERT YOUR CLAVINET II or Model C or to a D6!! Optional on-board DIP switches provide internal access to the (4) D6 tone switches *SEE NOTE*

All kits come with full detailed installation instructions.

Note: The Clavinet.Com Ultra-Preamp does NOT include the Barrel Transformer, which can be re-used from your existing Clavinet D6 PCB.
Clavinet II or C owners MUST purchase a Barrel Transformer!


New Beyer Barrel Transformer $125.00 ea.

Clavinet.Com Humbucking Pickups $249.99 a set or $149.00 ea.

Since the year 2000, the legendary Clavinet.Com Humbucker has been the best-selling clavinet pickup in the world.  

The biggest source of NOISE and HUM in a clavinet come from its massive single coil pickups. Fender Guitars share the same problem and a solution was invented many years ago in the form of Hum-BUCKING pickups. "Humbuckers", as they are called, feature two single coils in one pickup. The two coils cancel each other's hum out, making the humbucker pickup quieter than a single coil pickup.

Trusted by recording studios everywhere to deliver the lowest noise floor possible, Clavinet.Com Humbuckers are voiced exactly the same as the original pickups, yet feature an improved, extended frequency response, giving your clavinet the fattest sound possible. Try them - you won't be disappointed!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. One year warranty.

Clavinet Humbucking Pickup Set (Upper and Lower)
Upper Clavinet Pickup ONLY 
Lower Clavinet Pickup ONLY

Clavinet.Com ORIGINAL GAUGE P.T.F.E. Coated Clavinet String Set $59.99 a set

Use Clavinet.Com strings for authentic restorations! 

In less than one years time, air and moisture exposure can cause clavinet strings to oxidize and corrode. During that period, strings that are under tension lose their vibrational qualities, compromising tone and sustain and causing them to produce a false set of harmonics, making them difficult to tune, even to themselves. Clavinet owners have been depending on these dull, brittle and nearly 35+ year old corroded wires to produce that funky sound for over two or three decades!. Our high-quality, custom manufactured strings are matched to original specifications and feature the same excellence you have come to expect from our products. 

Clavinet.Com Clavinet Strings restore the crystal-clear clarity, long-lasting sustain and thick, rich tone that your original strings no longer have. Clavinet.Com Clavinet Strings are EXCLUSIVELY manufactured for us, fresh from the factory and wound identical to the original design. They are specially coated with P.T.F.E. (polymer tetra-fluoro-ethylene) for extra-long life. 

Sold in complete sets of 60.

"Aunt Lydia's" Clavinet String Yarn $6.99 ea.

"Aunt Lydia's" 3-Ply 100% Polyester Yarn for Re-Yarning the Clavinet. Includes enough yarn to re-string your clavinet.

Clavinet Yarn Weaver $9.99 ea. 

Re-yarn a clavinet in MINUTES with this innovative tool! Say goodbye to hours of frustration and the pin-pricks from yarn needles!

NEW Clavinet.Com Clavinet Key Bushing Set $49.99 a set

Clavinet.Com reproduction clavinet key bushings. Injection molded by the same facility that makes our clavinet hammer tip set, these bushings (or grommets) fit underneath each individual key and act as "shock absorbers". Years of constant hammering render these bushings useless, as keys begin to "click-clack". Worse yet, these old bushings will sometimes tear or "enlarge", causing keys to "freeze" or return very slowly. See our Keyspring Installation Video on how to easily remove these bushings. 

Note: We recommend replacing the keysprings at the same time, as both jobs require key removal. Fix them both while you are in there!

Sold in complete sets of 60.

Clavinet  & Clavinet/Pianet Duo Keysprings $49.95 complete set / $2.00 each

Complete Set of Clavinet/Pianet Keysprings (62 pc)

Individual Clavinet / Pianet Keysprings

Firm keysprings are crucial to playing funky "staccato" licks on the clavinet. Restore the action in your keys with new Clavinet.Com keysprings. Made from original specifications. Watch the instructional Keyspring Installation Video

Fits all models of Clavinet and Clavinet/Pianet Duo.

Clavinet  D6 / E7 / Duo Mute Bar Springs $9.99 complete set of (2)

Restore the original tension of the mute bar with new mute springs. It is quite common to find the original mute springs mangled and twisted from decades of abuse. 

Made from original specifications. Fits Clavinet D6 / E7 / Duo. 

Clavinet D6 Preamp Upgrade Kit $19.95 ea.

This kit contains all of the parts needed to upgrade your D6 preamp for better tone and less noise. Includes High Quality WIMA caps. See How to Upgrade the D6 Preamp for more information.

Clavinet Electrical Contact Cleaning / Rust Removing Brush $12.95 ea.
Also Removes Rust from Pianet Reeds! 

A MUST HAVE! Most clavinets suffer from dirty switch contacts, rendering one or more of the switches inoperable. Safely clean the electrical contacts in the dirt-prone clavinet switches with this innovative tool.

The Eurotool is a unique Fiberglass brush that removes corrosion from any metal surface when you extend its fiberglass bristles. Environmentally Friendly! Made in Germany. 

Clavinet Tuner Panel Cover $59.95 ea.

Missing your tuner panel cover? No problem! Clavinet.Com's authentic reproduction tuner panel covers fit the D6 and E7. (They will fit the C and Duo Models, but will require drilling additional holes). Aluminum, black finish, no lettering. Felt gaskets. Includes (2) Thumbscrews for mounting!

Pianet L, N, C, CH & Combo "Sticky Hammers" $99.99 a set  

All keys on a Pianet have a "Sticky Hammer" at the end of them that is resting on top of a reed. When a key is pressed, the "Sticky Hammer" lifts the reed just enough to release it into vibration. This is the principle in which sound is generated in the Pianet. Original Pianet Pads were manufactured using a "Sticky Sandwich" of rubber, foam, and an adhesive-coated leather pad. Unfortunately, these pads proved to be a reliability nightmare as dirt, age and environmental factors destroy them. As original pads deteriorate, the keys grow softer in attack and volume. Eventually, the pads will decay to the point that the keys no longer produce sound. The original manufacturer sold out of original "Sticky Sandwich" pads many years ago, leaving many Pianet owners with unplayable instruments.

Although many people have attempted to repair original pads, they have all failed. Why? Because the original design was inherently flawed. The original manufacturer knew this and revised the "Sticky Sandwich" design for the Pianet T, using a one-piece silicon rubber design. However, Pianet T pads were not very sticky and were not interchangeable with earlier models of the Pianet.

Applying the basic principle of the Pianet "T" Hammer, we at Clavinet.Com developed a new Pianet "Sticky Hammer" using a simple, once-piece construction. Our challenge was making this hammer sticky enough to replicate the adhesive properties of the original "Sticky Sandwich" pad. The secret lies with the chemist and the amazing material that the new "Sticky Hammers" are made of. Pianets equipped with our new "Sticky Hammers" replicate the original, powerful bark of the Pianet, a far cry from the wimpy and soft sound we got using the original and decayed "Sticky Sandwich" pads.

Our Ultra-Durable Pianet "Sticky Hammers" are unaffected by temperature or moisture, and if the hammers get dirty, they can be washed in soap and water without harm! Clavinet.Com Pianet "Sticky Hammers" are manufactured using the latest injection molding techniques and fit Pianet Models L, N, C, CH and Combo. Simply slide your old "Sandwich" pads off and slide the new Clavinet.Com "Sticky Hammers" on to bring your classic Pianet back to life! 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Sold in sets of 62 (61+ 1 spare).


Pianet Keyshaft Bender $10.95 ea.

When replacing your sticky pads, Quickly and SAFELY adjust your new pianet pad height with this innovative new tool! The height at which a Pianet Pad rests on a reed is the #1 factor in adjusting the volume and attack of each note.

Unlike pliers, which typically mangle keyshafts and can easily snap the plastic, this tool will SAFELY bend keyshafts straight AND without risk of breaking them. Fits all models of Pianet. Made of 6061 Aluminum.

New Pianet T / DUO / M "Super Sticky Pads" $74.99 a set

Increase the volume and improve the tone of your Pianet T and Duo ! 

Clavinet.Com has molded new Pianet T pads utilizing the same super-sticky material developed for the older Pianet N models. These new pads will increase the volume, attack and sustain of your Pianet T by at least 40%. These new super-sticky pads miraculously bring the long-forgotten bass notes of your Pianet T to life, as the original hammers never could! Even Pianet T's with lightly rusted reeds can be brought back to life!

We have also improved the shape of the keyshaft hole, to firmly hold the pads straight, eliminating the dreaded "twisting" factor that caused the old pads to slide off the reed after continuous playing. Purchase a set of "Super Sticky Pads" today and enjoy a remarkable Rhodes-like tone from a instrument once considered to be the "underdog" of the electro-mechanical keyboard world. For all Pianet T and M Models. These pads also fit the Pianet section in the Clavinet/Pianet Duo. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Sold in sets of 61 (60+ 1 spare).

Pianet N PCB Upgrade Kit $29.95 ea.

This kit contains all of the parts needed to upgrade the microphonic and leaky capacitors in your Pianet N. Includes High Quality WIMA and NICHON caps. See Upgrading the Pianet N PCB for more information.

Combo Pianet PCB Upgrade Kit $20.00 ea.

This kit contains all of the parts needed to upgrade the microphonic and leaky capacitors in your Combo Pianet.. Includes High Quality WIMA and NICHON caps. See Upgrading the Combo Pianet PCB for more information.

pianett.jpg (12456 bytes)

N.O.S. Clavinet/Pianet Duo (Pianet T) Hammers $2.99 ea.

Acquired from the Original Manufacturer Parts Buyout by Clavinet.Com, these original Pianet "T" type hammers were also used in the Pianet section of the Clavinet/Pianet duo. Available in limited supply. 

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